The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the Council Estate
June 2015. Finn Williams discusses the evolution of the council estate with Andrea Klettner (Love London Council Housing), Simon Terrill (Balfron Project), Tony McGuirk (Former Chairman of BDP) and Paul Karakusevic (KCA). Chaired by Daisy Froud, as part of the Brutalist Playground exhibition at the RIBA.

The planning agenda for the new Government
June 2015. Finn Williams presents NOVUS’s planning agenda for the new government at the Planning Officers Society Annual Conference in Dorchester, alongside chief planner Steve Quartermain and Steve Ingram.

Future of Planning at Columbia
May 2015. Finn Williams is invited to Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, New York, by dean Amale Andraos to give the final lecture in their Future of Planning series.

Doing it for the Public
May 2015. Finn Williams, Damon Rich and Jae Shin discuss Doing it for the Public, or the role designers and planners can play in local government. Hosted by Interboro Partners at The Metropolitan Exchange in New York.

The Design of Public Life
April 2015. Shelley McNamara (Grafton) and Finn Williams discuss the role design can play in shaping public spaces in a world made increasingly diffuse by technology. An event chaired by Rory Hyde as part of All of This Belongs to You at the V&A.

The Re-invention of Social Town Planning
April 2015. Finn Williams speaks alongside Pam Warhurst (Incredible Edible) at a TCPA roundtable in partnership with the Webb Memorial Trust.

ADS2 in Russia
April 2015. RCA studio ADS2 visit new towns in Moscow, Zelenograd and St Petersburg. Finn Williams and Charles Holland present the studio at MARCH in Moscow.

Social Behaviour Orders
March 2015. Finn Williams gives a week long workshop on designing for social behaviour as part of the Child Culture Design course run by Markus Bergstrom at HDK in Gothenburg.

Plaza Mania
March 2015. Finn Williams debates who public space is for and why, with Kathryn Firth (Publica), Phineas Harper (Architecture Foundation) and Alan Miller (NTIA) at the Plaza Mania event chaired by Alastair Donald (Future Cities Salon).

Public Service Launched
March 2015. The Public Service paper is launched at a Farrell Review event at the Houses of Parliament.

Farrell Review Champion
March 2015. Finn Williams is appointed Proactive Planning Champion of the Farrell Review.

The Politics of Planning
February 2015. Finn Williams pitches his planning manifesto for the next government the at the National Planning Forum Politics of Planning conference, alongside Paul Finch, Liz Peace, Kate Henderson and others.

January 2015. Finn Williams speaks at Manchester School of Architecture’s CIVICS symposium on the architecture of public good and how to get involved. Curated by Rory Hyde and also featuring Julia King, Malkit Shoshan, and Daisy Froud.

January 2015. Finn Williams joins Ruimte Vlaanderen and Cass Cities in Brussels for a workshop on the industrial area of Buda, with Mark Brearley, Jan Zaman, Kristiaan Borret, Architecture Workroom and others.

One to Watch
January 2015. Planning Magazine names Finn Williams as 'one to watch' for 2015, one of ten people at the heart of changes that will affect the planning system this year.

Supporters' Scarves
December 2014. Common Office launch a collection of scarves for supporters of political causes, designed in collaboration with ÅbĂ€ke and photographed by Erika Wall. Available at the Civic Shop in Somerset House, and Present on Shoreditch High Street.

November 2014. Finn Williams talks about practicing architecture in the public sector at the RIBA conference Guerrilla Tactics: Archipreneurs.

Making Planning Popular
November 2014. NOVUS and Building Rights, two initiatives co-founded by Finn Williams, are featured in Tom Campbell’s article in the Guardian on ‘making town planning cool again’.

Imagined Cities
October 2014. Finn Williams joins a panel with Mark Davy (Futurecity), Katherine Clarke (muf) and Andy Merritt (Something & Son) chaired by Vicky Richardson (British Council) to discuss culture in masterplanning, as part of the Imagined Cities conference at the Folkestone Triennial.

September 2014. Finn Williams is invited to advise on Boomtowns, a project for UnBox Festival by the Future Cities team of Ayaz Basrai, Sara Anand, Cassie Robinson, Patrick Stevenson-Keating, Dan Watson, Carlo Zapponi and Ben Barker.

Spatial Practices
September 2014. Finn Williams takes on a new role as external supervisor to Katherine Spence for the Spatial Practices programme at Central Saint Martins.

Geovation Housing Challenge
September 2014. Finn Williams launches the Ordnance Survey and Land Registry Geovation Challenge calling for ideas to enable people in Britain to live in better places.

Dark Matter
July 2014. Finn Williams and Dan Hill (Future Cities Catapult) discuss shaping the forces that shape cities, as part of the Right to Flight project by James Bridle at Bold Tendencies.

LEGO Architecture Studio
July 2014. Finn Williams launches the new LEGO Architecture Studio set in Europe with a collaborative city building workshop at Westfield London, and an article in the Architectural Review.

Learning from London’s High Streets
July 2014. The Mayor of London’s Regeneration Team publish Learning from London’s High Streets, edited by Alison Mayer and Finn Williams.

Civic Duty
July 2014. Philip Kleinfeld’s article in LEAF Review on the history and future of public sector architecture features Finn Williams alongside Vincent Lacovara.

Places for Strangers
July 2014. Finn Williams joins Alex Ely, Martyn Evans, Michael Howe and Shumi Bose for a panel discussion to launch Places for Strangers. The publication is designed by OK-RM and includes contributions from Kieran Long and David Grandorge.

June 2014. Finn Williams, Tom James (Spacemakers), Liza Fior (muf) and Daisy Froud (AOC) discuss Tokenism/Participation, or engaging stakeholders in the production of public space. Chaired by Mel Dodd as part of the Central Saint Martins Contested Spaces event series.

Connected Streets
June 2014. Finn Williams discusses the potential of web-connected signage in a film by Future Cities Catapult about Connected Streets, a project in collaboration with Berg.

May 2014. NOVUS reunite the Radical Institute Group to debate revolution within the institution, and ask what kind of radical thinking planning needs today. Participants include Finn Williams, Cliff Hague (RIG, Heriot-Watt University), Euan Mills (NOVUS, GLA), Lovelace Poku (NOVUS, LB Enfield), Malcolm Allan (RIG, Placematters), Mike Gibson (RIG, JVM), Peter O’Brien (NOVUS, LB Haringey) and Rob Krzyszowski (NOVUS, Hammersmith & Fulham).

The Farrell Review
May 2014. The Farrell Review of architecture and the built environment calls for “a revolution in support of proactive planning in this country” based on Finn Williams’s submission to the Call for Evidence. Press coverage of progress delivering the Review focuses on the ‘Plan First’ initiative led by Finn.

NOVUS Manifesto
May 2014. POS NOVUS, a thinktank for public planning by public planners co-founded by Finn Williams, launches a manifesto from the coalface of public planning. Coverage in Planning Magazine and The Planner.

The Limits of Politics
May 2014. The Limits of Politics is the last in a series of three workshops run by Finn Williams for ADS2 at the Royal College of Art, this time considering the politics of planning as a medium of design. Invited guests are Andrea Klettner (ING) and Phélim MacCafferty (Green Party Councillor and Chair of Planning at Brighton and Hove City Council).

Planning Officers Society
May 2014. Finn Williams is appointed a director and trustee of the Planning Officers Society, the credible voice for public sector planning practitioners.

Real Estates
April 2014. Real Estates: Life Without Debt, edited by Fulcrum (Jack Self & Shumi Bose) is published. The book includes essays by Pier Vittorio Aureli, Neil Brenner, Keller Easterling, Sam Jacob, Brett Steele, Urban-Think Tank, Wouter Vanstiphout, Eyal Weizman and Finn Williams.

East London Social Housing
March 2014. Finn Williams talks about the Boundary Estate for an AA Night School bike tour of East London social housing, led by Andrea Klettner (Love London Council Housing). Other participants include David Knight, Daisy Froud and Paul Karakusevic.

The Architectural Review
March 2014. Finn Williams is appointed to the editorial board of the Architectural Review, alongside Charles Jencks, Daisy Froud, Farshid Moussavi, Fran Tonkiss, Niall McLaughlin and Susannah Hagan amongst others.

RIBA Planning Group
March 2014. Finn Williams appointed as a member of the RIBA Planning Group, chaired by Ruth Reed.

The Limits of Economics
February 2014. Finn Williams runs the second of three workshops for ADS2 at the Royal College of Art, the Limits of Economics, exploring viability as an art rather than a science. Invited guests are David Carlisle (Principal Planning Consultant at URS), Patrick Clarke (Technical Director Strategic Planning & Urban Design at URS), and Martyn Evans (Creative Director at Cathedral).

The Limits of Law
November 2013. Finn Williams runs the first of three workshops for ADS2 at the Royal College of Art looking at the constraints of everyday practice as grounds for architectural creativity. Invited guests for the Limits of Law workshop are Richard Spitz and Bernadette Walsh (Good Law at the Cabinet Office) and Steve Dennington (Plan Making Team Leader, Croydon Council).

City Hall
October 2013. After almost 5 years as part of Croydon Council’s Placemaking Team, Finn Williams leaves to take up the post of Regeneration Area Manager for North West and Central London at the GLA.

The Shape of Things to Come
October 2013. Finn Williams steps in for Mark Brearley for The Shape of Things to Come, a Centre for London public discussion about the future of urban design in London with Paul Finch and Esther Kurland.

A Conversation in Public Space
September 2013. Finn Williams joins Daisy Froud (AOC), Valerie Beirne (Bankside Urban Forest) and dissident archaeologist James Dixon for a public discussion at Cricklewood Town Square organised by Spacemakers.

Can temporary uses change the way we plan our cities?
September 2013. Finn Williams, Andreas Lang (Public Works), Sara Muzio (EXYZT), and Philip Dolman (studio db) discuss the future of pop-up at The Lake, a temporary installation at 100 Union Street.

Social Housing
September 2013. Finn Williams, Andrea Klettner (Love London Council Housing), John East (Director of Community Infrastructure at Newham) and Kate Macintosh (ex-Southwark Council and Lambeth Council architect) discuss the past, present and future of social housing at 100% Design.

New Ideas for London Schools
September 2013. Finn Williams presents Croydon Council’s innovative approach to meeting the critical need for school places at an NLA Pecha Kucha event featuring PTEa, What Architecture, Nicholas Hare Architects, Jestico + Whiles, Squire and Partners, Architecture PLB, Argent, and Southwark Council.

British Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale
August 2013. Finn Williams, David Knight and Oliver Wainwright are one of two teams shortlisted by the British Council to curate the British Pavilion for Rem Koolhaas’s 2014 Venice Biennale.

Newark, New Jersey
August 2013. Finn Williams is visits the City of Newark for a tour by Chief Urban Designer Damon Rich, including the Newark Riverfront Revival and This Is Newark projects.

The Farrell Review
July 2013. Finn Williams contributes to the Farrell Review workshop on Design Quality at the NLA, alongside David West, Kathryn Firth, Sunand Prasad and Peter Bishop amongst others. Read Finn’s full submission to the Farrell Review here.

In Public
July 2013. Finn Williams, Julian Lewis (East), Eleanor Fawcett (London Legacy Development Corporation), and Jay Gort and Fiona Scott (Gort Scott) speak at the ARCSOC talk series exploring contemporary architectural practice in the public sector.

Bishopsgate Goodsyard
June 2013. Finn Williams talks about the social life of Arnold Circus as a public space as part of The Goodsyard ideas week organised by Soundings.

World Heritage
June 2013. Finn Williams chairs the Building Futures debate ‘This house believes that UNESCO is holding back our cities’ at the RIBA, featuring Michael Squire (Squire and Partners), Cristina Monteiro (DK-CM), John Penrose MP (Former minister for Heritage and Tourism) and Chris Smith OBE (English Heritage).

Unbuilt Helsinki Summit
June 2013. Finn Williams joins ÅbĂ€ke, curators Jonas Zakaitis and Aurime Aleksandraviciute, editor Leah Whitman-Salkin, designer Nene Tsuboi and architect Tuomas Toivonen for an international summit at the Kulttuurisauna in Helsinki.

London’s School Building Crisis
March 2013. Finn Williams discusses the future of school building in London alongside Munira Mirza (Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture), Mairi Johnson (Education Funding Agency), Roger Hawkins (HawkinsBrown) and others at the NLA conference London’s School Building Crisis: Filling the 90,000 gap.

Is Red Tape the Enemy of Architecture?
March 2013. Finn Williams joins Liam Ross (University of Edinburgh), Tom Mullarkey (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents), Piers Gough (CZWG), Alex Ely (mĂŠ) and Tim Gill (Rethinking Childhood) for a panel discussion on Constraint and Creativity at the RIBA, chaired by Alastair Donald (British Council).

The Working Village
14 March 2013. Finn Williams, Darryl Chen, Wouter Vanstiphout and Levent Kerimol debate the making of a radical entrepreneurial village as part of the RIBA’s Venice Takeaway: Ideas to Change British Architecture exhibition.

SAUL Lecture
January 2013. Finn Williams talks about activism and urbanism with Andrew Griffin’s students at University of Limerick School of Architecture.

Design Review Role
January 2013. Finn Williams elected vice chair of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Conservation and Design Advisory Panel.

Unbuilt Helsinki
December 2012. The Unbuilt Helsinki exhibition curated by ÅbĂ€ke and Nene Tsuboi opens at the Museum of Finnish Architecture as part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, including the Unbuilt University project in collaboration with Common Office.

Tangible Heritage at Kingston
December 2012. Finn Williams joins Shumi Bose and Lewis Jones as visiting critics for David Knight and Cristina Monteiro’s Unit 2 at Kingston University School of Architecture & Landscape.

How to Play the Environment Game
October 2012. Finn Williams reviews How to Play the Environment Game by Theo Crosby in the Autumn edition of the Urban Design journal, as part of the Urban Design Library series edited by Alastair Donald.

Openness: On Open-Sourcing and Knowledge Sharing
September 2012. Finn Williams, Dan Hill and Shumi Bose talk about openness as part of Trust Us at the V&A. Videos of the Trust Us panel discussions also featuring Alfredo Brillembourg, Daisy Froud and Eyal Weizman are available here.

Architecture Foundation Curatorial Advisory Board
September 2012. Finn Williams named on the AF Project Space Open Call selection board of architecture, urbanism, art and design experts including Eleanor Fawcett, Oliver Wainwright and Liam Young.

Key Players in British Architecture
August 2012. Finn Williams is in the back row of the Guardian's interactive photograph taken at the 2012 Venice Biennale, alongside Liza Fior, Sam Jacob and Alison Crawshaw.

Close, Closer
August 2012. Finn Williams discusses the forthcoming 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale with curators Beatrice Galilee, Jose Esparza, Mariana Pestana and others including Joseph Grima and Andrew Griffin in Venice.

The Secret History of Our Streets
July 2012. Finn Williams features in BBC2 Documentary on the social history of Arnold Circus, directed by Chris Durlacher and produced by Century Films.

A Conversation with Dan Hill
May 2012. Dan Hill of SITRA, City of Sound and Brickstarter has written up a conversation we had in Helsinki, joining the dots between Croydon, Arnold Circus, Localism, SUB-PLAN and the importance of maintenance.

Unbuilt Helsinki
April 2012. Finn Williams joins ÅbĂ€ke and Nene Tsuboi in Helsinki for a week of research into architectural education including conversations with Finnish architects Reijo Jallinoja, Matti Suuronen, Jan Söderlund, Esa Laaksonen, Bengt Lundsten, Pekka PitkĂ€nen, Juha LeiviskĂ€ and Vilhelm Helander and a lesson at the Museum of Finnish Architecture for their project Unbuilt Helsinki.

Planning Breakout
April 2012. Finn Williams debates the future of planning in Britain at Ash Sakula with Kelvin Cambell, Urban Initiatives; Richard Eastham, Feria Urbanism; Tim Stonor, Space Syntax; and Jess Steele, Locality. Tuesday 3 April, 6.30pm.

The Post Riot City
March 2012. Finn Williams speaks at Ecobuild about Architects, Planners and the Post Riot City. A panel discussion hosted by Amanda Baillieu, with Indy Johar, 00 Architecture; Owen Hatherley, journalist, commentator and author; and Irena Bauman, Bauman Lyons Architects. Thursday 22 March, 11.15am

Alternative Approaches to Architecture
March 2012. Finn Williams talks about Compromise at the Royal College of Art student-led lecture series Borderlands, with Immanuel Koh.

Make No Big Plans
March 2012. Finn Williams and Vincent Lacovara talk about the work of Croydon's Placemaking Team for Filipa Wunderlich's MSc Planning, Design and Development students at the Bartlett School of Planning.

March 2012. Finn Williams talks as part of the Multistory lecture series at Canterbury School of Architecture.

March 2012. The Friends of Arnold Circus sign a ground-breaking Service Level Agreement with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to collaborate on the management and maintenance of Arnold Circus.

Bartlett Specialist Advisor
January 2012. Finn Williams appointed specialist urban design advisor to the MArch Thesis programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

Venice Takeaway
December 2011. Finn Williams appointed on the advisory panel for the British Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale. Venice Takeaway: Ideas to Change British Architecture is curated by Vicky Richardson and Vanessa Norwood. Other panel members are David Anderson, Director General of the National Museum Wales; Ian Gilzean, Chief Architect of the Scottish Executive; Penny Lewis, Course leader at the Robert Gordon University School of Architecture; Ciaran Mackel, Ard Mackel Architects; Fred Scott, Author; and Brett Steele, Director of the Architectural Association.

Austerity and Place
November 2011. Finn Williams discusses the importance of public space in our public life with Anna Minton and Joost Beunderman at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios.

Future London Leaders
November 2011. Finn Williams selected as Croydon’s candidate for the Future of London’s Future London Leaders programme.

Common Office on Twitter
October 2011. Common Office follows the trending and joins Twitter as @commonoffice.

Battle of Ideas
October 2011. Finn Williams debates ‘After the riots: what makes a city?’ with Alastair Donald, Michael Owen and Gareth Davies, chaired by Tony Pierce. A Croydon Salon for the Battle of Ideas.

OMA alumni
October 2011. Finn Williams writes about working at OMA for Architecture Today, alongside Farshid Moussavi and Philip Oswalt.

Create Britain
October 2011. Finn Williams is featured by GQ Magazine as one of a group of ‘radicals rethinking the nation’. Others include publishers Visual Editions, artist Simon Fujiwara and Moxon Architects.

Office Politics at HDK School of Design
September 2011. Finn Williams talks about ‘Office Politics: Machiavellian tactics for Municipal administration’ at Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk in Gothenburg. Other speakers in the lecture series organised by Jonas FridĂ©n and Pascal Prosek are researcher Karl PalmĂ„s, artist Johanna Gustavsson, and politician Rosanna Dinamarca.

Denise Scott Brown: New Questions
September 2011. Finn Williams organises and chairs New Questions; a session of argy bargy with Common Office idols Denise Scott Brown and her ex-student Sir Terry Farrell at the Architecture Foundation.

The Secret Life of Buildings
July 2011. The Secret Life of Buildings, a three-part television series looking at how architecture affects us at home, work and play airs on Channel 4. Finn Williams worked as a consultant to the ‘Home’ programme.

OK Talk book published
June 2011. OK Do have published ‘OK Talk Helsinki/London’, a book drawing from a series discussions between Finland and UK based designers, artists and theorists, including contributions from ÅbĂ€ke, Martti Kalliala, Zak Kyes, Teemu Suviala and Finn Williams.

Public participation at the RIBA
June 2011. RIBA Policy roundtable discussion about ‘Community Consultation’ with practitioners including Liza Fior, David Barrie, Joost Beunderman, and Euan Mills.

Chair of FOAC
June 2011. Finn Williams elected Chair of the Friends of Arnold Circus.

April 2011. Talk on Localism for MA Spatial Planning and Urban Design students at London Metropolitan University Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design, with David Carlisle.

Communities and Local Government
March 2011. Chief Planner Steve Quartermain invites Finn Williams and David Carlisle to Communities and Local Government to report from the coalface on the impacts of Localism on Local Planning Authorities.

Localism at Kingston
March 2011. Talk on Neighbourhood Planning and the Localism Bill: Falling off the ladder of participation? At Kingston University School of Planning and Surveying, with David Carlisle.

Next Generation Green: sustainable architecture of the future
March 2011. Finn Williams discusses the future of sustainability at EcoBuild with Tom Emerson, David Kohn, and Craig White. Chaired by Oliver Wainwright.

Design Interactions
February 2011. Lecture for Noam Toran’s Design Interactions students at the Royal College of Art.

Further Reading Required
February 2011. Finn Williams and David Knight present SUB-PLAN: Working with Permitted Development at the 'Further Reading Required' seminar, Bartlett School of Architecture.

Croydon Promotion
February 2011. Finn Williams appointed Deputy Team Leader of Croydon Council’s Placemaking Team.

City of Paper
February 2011. Visiting critic for David Knight’s History and Theory of Architecture Course: City of Paper at University of East London School of Architecture and the Visual Arts.

Regeltreue at RWTH Aachen
January 2011. Finn Williams talks about regeltreue/compliance as part of the MontagabendgesprÀche series for the department of Architecture and Theory at RWTH University in Aachen, Germany.

Common Office in the press
December 2010. Finn Williams writes about the future of the architecture profession in the Architects' Journal; picks the best British buildings of the 21st Century in December's Blueprint; and comments on the Localism Bill in Building Design.

Common Office in Moldova
December 2010. Residency in Chisinau with Joanna Warsza for Oberliht, funded by the Polish Cultural Insititute. Involving a talk and workshops with architecture students at the Technical University of Moldova.

Talk at London Metropolitan University
November 2010. Finn Williams and Vincent Lacovara talk to London Metropolitan University's Spatial Planning and Urban Design course about Local Authority planning.

Terry Farrell Trust
November 2010. Finn Williams asked to sit on the advisory board for Sir Terry Farrell's great archive.

Talk at Goldsmiths
November 2010. Talk and workshop on the politics of public engagement in planning for Goldsmiths Design & Environment MA.

October 2010. Finn Williams takes part in CityCampLDN: a three day event about how the web can shape future government. Viewpoints, a project developed together with Andrew Eland, Ian Drysdale and Janet E Davis is selected as one of four pitches to take forwards by NESTA.

Warsaw Under Construction
October 2010. Common Office and Filip Tyden hold a workshop with key figures from the Polish advertising industry on useful outdoor advertising. Finn Williams presents OD NOWA, Common Office's project for the Warsaw Under Construction festival at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw alongside Dallas Pierce + Quintero and Office for Subversive Architecture.

RIBA Policy Debate on the future of Design Review
October 2010. Finn Williams debates 'What's next for Design Capacity Building?' with Fred Manson former Director of Regeneration at the London Borough of Southwark, Mark Brearley head of Design for London, David Partridge joint Chief Executive of Argent, and Esther Kurland Director of UDL, as part of the RIBA London Policy Debate Series.

Property & Design Hot 100
September 2010. Finn Williams named in the London Magazine's Property & Design Hot 100.

Building Without Bureaucracy at the AF's Skyroom
September 2010. Finn Williams and David Knight discuss the potential of Permitted Development with Michael Tsoukaris of the London Borough of Southwark in the Architecture Foundation's Skyroom designed by David Kohn Architects.

Making Places: Design dialogues between Helsinki and London
September 2010. Finn Williams talks about making places with ÅbĂ€ke, Nene Tsuboi, Sarah Ichioka, Teemu Suviala and Tuomas Toivonen as part of OK Talk, a series of events and publications curated by OK Do for Helsinki Design Week and the London Design Festival.

Building Without Bureaucracy in l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui
July 2010. Building Without Bureaucracy, an experiment in unregulated urbanism by Finn Williams, David Knight and Ulf Hackauf has been published in the relaunched magazine l'Architectre d'Aujord'hui. Guest edited by Winy Maas, MVRDV and the Why Factory. Other contributors include Beatriz Colomina, John Thackara, Rory McGowan, Theo Deutinger and Saskia Sassen.

Talk for Brown Hart Gardens
July 2010. Finn Williams talks to residents of the Grosvenor Estate about Arnold Circus as a model for the renewal of Brown Hart Gardens. Organised by Lucy Musgrave and Stephen Escritt of Publica, for Grosvenor.

A Retroactive Manifesto for Croydon-ness
July 2010. Finn Williams chairs a discussion on Croydon-ness, with contributions from Vincent Lacovara of Croydon Council and the AOC, David West of Studio Egret West, Richard Lavington of Maccreanor Lavington, David Patterson of Make, Zineb Segrouchni & Fiona Kydd of OKRA, and Julian Lewis of East. With thanks to Croydon Economic Development Company.

Talk at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
June 2010. Finn Williams talks at Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej with office for subversive architecture and dallaspierce+quintero as part of the Architecture Foundation's exchange programme with Poland.

.ORG Workshop at the RCA Final Show
June 2010. Finn Williams and Roberto Bottazzi (ADS1) run a workshop with Department 21 to propose alternative budget cuts for the Royal College of Art, as part of their installation in the inner courtyard of the RCA Final Show.

Living in Rainham, at Mendrisio
May 2010. Finn Williams is a final critic for Julian Lewis's studio at l’Accademia dell’architettura, UniversitĂ  della Svizzera Italiana, Mendrisio, together with Signy Svalastoga, Peter Carl, Dann Jessen and Judith Lösing.

Narrative Environments at Shunt
May 2010. Finn Williams talks at the event ‘Props and Sets – the making of Narratives’ with Noam Toran, Tom Coward and Graham Hudson at Shunt, as part of the Central Saint Martins Narrative Environments course. Organised by Inigo Minns, Shibboleth Shechter and Benjamin Reichen.

Common Office selected for the New Architects: Poland_UK programme
April 2010. Common Office represents the UK along with office for subversive architecture and dallaspierce+quintero for the Architecture Foundation's exchange programme with Poland. Finn Williams talks at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw on Monday 28 June at 6pm, and at the Royal College of Art in conversation with Aleksandra Wasilkowska on Tuesday 4 May, 7pm.

The Poundshop opens on Hoxton Street
April 2010. The pop-up Poundshop, founded by Household and Sara Melin, sells design products for one pound with an equally affordable interior made by Common Office and Fredrik Paulsen.

Workshop with Department 21
March 2010. Finn Williams and Roberto Bottazzi (ADS1) hold a workshop with the legendary Department 21 to plan their presence in the Royal College of Art Final Show.

Lecture at the Bartlett
March 2010. Finn Williams talks to the Bartlett Urban Design MArch course about a Wider Agency for Urban Design.

Croydon's Urban Design Team in the Observer
February 2010. Finn Williams described as looking like a 'consumptive poet' in Rowan Moore's piece on Croydon in the Observer. "Croydon gave the world Kate Moss, but can it ever be sexy? An exciting team of young planners are set to revive the south London suburb and blaze a trail for all British towns".

Beaconsfield Services: A Users' Manual
February 2010. Finn Williams runs a workshop for Sam Jacob and Tomas Klassnik's unit Inter 12: Pop Vernacular at the Architectural Association.

25 who will change architecture and design in 2010
December 2009. Blueprint names Finn Williams as one of 25 "inspiring people who will be changing things in 2010... From architecture to textiles, town planning to graphic design, the people featured are taking matters into their own hands and refusing to conform to the culture of low horizons."

Croydon: the future of British town planning
December 2009. Croydon's Urban Design team is featured in the Architects' Journal. Rory Olcayto writes "working for the council hasn’t been this exciting since at least the 1970s."

This Is Not A Gateway Festival
October 2009. Finn Williams discusses 'Productive Dystopias, Or... An Architecture Of Unintended Consequences' with a panel hosted by Tomorrow's Thoughts Today and including Tomas Klassnik, Elena Pascolo, Austin Williams and Karl Sharro.

Kitchen Table Talks
September 2009. Finn Williams talks about ground up change in the planning of public space as part of Kitchen Table Talks, a series of events at Leila's Shop during the London Design Festival to launch Ilse Crawford's Seating for Eating.

SUB-PLAN at the AA
July 2009. Finn Williams, David Knight, Europa, and Ulf Hackauf run SUB-PLAN, a unit at the Architectural Association Summer School. The collaborative result is a householders' guide to exploiting the legislative loopholes of Permitted Development, publically available here.

Hunch No.12 Bureaucracy
April 2009. The Rule of Regulations is featured in the latest volume of Hunch, No. 12 Bureaucracy, alongside Keller Easterling and Ilka and Andreas Ruby.

Place Faking shows in Brooklyn
20 March 2009. Place Faking, a mockumentary by Finn Williams, is shown as part of ShapeShifting: Reinventing Heritage, a project curated by Alice Shay and Alexis Smagula at the Division of Human Works, Brooklyn, NY.

Design by Despotism at Senate House
9 February 2009. Finn Williams talks about Design by Despotism, or the terrible brilliance of autocrats' amateurish attempts at architecture. With artists Amy Feneck and Pil & Galia, at Miss B's Salon in Senate House. By invitation only.

Advisory Role at Tower Hamlets
February 2009. Finn Williams represents the Twentieth Century Society at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Conservation and Design Advisory Group (CADAG)

Urban Design for Croydon
January 2009. Finn Williams becomes an Urban Designer at Croydon Council

Creative Accounting at the RCA
November 2008. Finn Williams runs workshop in 'Creative Accounting', or alternative economies of urban regeneration, with architecture diploma students at the Royal College of Art

The Rule of Regulations at the Berlage
November 2008. The Rule of Regulations opens at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam.